PhD Program in Biomolecular Sciences

The new International PhD Program of Biomolecular Sciences of the University of Trento has as main objective the study of the cellular phenomena at the molecular level by means of the understanding of the structural and dynamic features of compounds which are at the base of the cell functioning (nucleic acids, proteins, primary and secondary metabolites), from biosynthesis mechanisms to the molecular recognitions, from the host-guest interactions to the selectivity, selection based on the chirality, to the interactions of molecules with the lipidic membranes and more in general of all intra- and intermolecular processes in which the understanding of molecular features is relevant.

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The Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO) at the University of Trento pursue the task of creating a suitable environment for merging classical cellular and molecular biology approaches with the new powerful tools of systems and synthetic biology, and with the contribution of chemistry, physics, informatics, mathematics, and engineering in an integrative view of basic biological processes and of their derangement in disease.

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